Saturday, May 3, 2008

Iron Man!

As a happy coincidence, this year my birthday happened to fall on opening night of the new "Iron Man" movie. I am a pretty big comic book/graphic novel movie geek so this is going to be a pretty big summer for me (Iron Man, Hulk, etc), but I was especially psyched about this particular movie.

After dinner with the family, my wife, daughter and I headed to the theater. We got to the theater at 7:40pm for the 8:15pm show, but it was sold-out... So we went to the (packed to the gills) 7:45pm show instead. I have to say, I never like to get to the movies that late, and we ended-up with some of the crappiest seats in the place.

But anyway, how was the movie?

It was excellent!

I was originally unsure about Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark but after seeing the movie, I don't think they could've picked anyone else to play the role. He captured the arrogance and angst of Tony Stark perfectly.

The special effects were very well done. The acting was well done. The story and plot lines were also well thought out... Plenty of "origin", a decent villan, just enough closure for the movie to stand on its own and, of course, they left it open for "Iron Man 2".

I've been really impressed with the "Spider-man" franchise, and I really think "Iron Man" could prove to be every bit as good. But I know what a lot of us are thinking right now...

Avengers anyone?

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