Friday, October 31, 2008

Energy Independence

McCain's Energy Plan in a Nutshell:

- More (of our own) oil
- Nuclear
- Solar
- Wind
- Tidal
- (Clean) Coal
- Natural Gas

Obama's Energy Plan in a Nutshell:

- Solar
- Wind
- Ummm...

Some would argue that Obama and Biden have mentioned (clean) coal. They have. They want to help other countries (China, India, etc) develop clean coal technologies, but for us they say "there is really no such thing as clean coal".

To me, coal is the second most important natural resource, right behind oil. Why? Because it is not only our most plentiful natural resource, it is also responsible for 80% of the electricity generated in my state (Ohio). The numbers are similar for most of the midwest, but Ohio and Pennsylvania rely on coal more than most.

Nuclear power is the cleanest, cheapest energy we have. They've been doing it for years safely with technology that is 30+ years old. Obama doesn't like it (neither do the other people in his party), though... Because you have to have a "safe" way to store the waste. I agree. Everyone agrees. The issue is that the definition of "safe" differs on each side of the aisle.

So let's just not do anything! Great plan! (Sarcasm!)

Having long-term goals for energy independence is nice, but we also need something to bridge the gap in the short-term until we get to where we want/need to be. Drilling for more oil is one way to help. Hell, increasing production of ANY of our OWN resources is a help, regardless of what it is.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Latest Toys

All those who know me know that I am into guns. I have been for most of my adult life, and I hate to think of the amount of money I've wasted... err... invested in them over the years. I always have a few "projects" going and, last week, two of those projects were finally completed.

Savage 10FCP HS Precision

This gun started out as a completely stock Savage 10FCP. I ordered it in .308 Winchester with a 24" barrel, the upgraded HS Precision stock and the new detachable box magazine. Before I even took it out to shoot it, I dropped it off at my gunsmith for some work. Before it was all said and done, he...

- Skim bedded the action
- Installed a Sharp Shooter Supply recoil lug
- Installed a Sharp Shooter Supply "tactical" bolt handle
- Recrowned and threaded the muzzle
- Indexed the Primary Weapons System FSC30 (flash-suppressing compensator)
- Bedded the Farrell Industries scope base
- Mounted and lapped the Tactical Precision Systems TSR "W" scope rings
- Mounted and bore-sighted the Pride Fowler RR800-2 scope

So far I've had limited time to shoot the thing so, to date, it's only had 60 rounds of (cheap surplus) M80 ball ammo through it for barrel break-in. Once the barrel is sufficiently worn-in, I'll break out the (expensive) match ammo and see what it can do. So far, though, I am really impressed.

Ruger 10/22

The Ruger 10/22 is one of those guns that everyone should own AT LEAST one of. For some reason, I had fought the urge to get one for a long time. Unfortunately, while my Savage project was off at the gunsmith for 6 weeks, I succumbed to the urge for a new project and "impulse bought" a little 10/22 carbine. Not one to leave anything stock, I quickly began ordering parts. Before I was done, not much of the original, factory rifle remained. I added...

- Volquartsen trigger group
- Tuffer Buffer
- Hogue stock
- Hi-DesertDog 16" spiral-fluted, threaded bull barrel
- Tactical Precision Systems TSR "W" scope rings
- Pride Fowler RR22LR6X40-2 scope

The first trip to the range with this little monster got boring quick. It consistently puts all bullets through the same ragged hole at 25 yards. At 50 yards it is more of the same, albeit a slightly larger ragged hole.

Now that those two things are finished it is time to move on to the next project. As it happens, I just happen to have one in mind. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008