Thursday, April 17, 2008

Putting the "Hooz" in "HoozYerMama"

A few people have asked where I came up with the name “hoozyermama” (“HoozYerMama”, actually) so I guess I'll address that.

A long time ago (in 1997) a computer game was released that would change the face of gaming as we then knew it. Quake II, building on the foundation of its predecessor, presented the computer gaming crowd with the most spectacular online multi-player experience ever seen. Online death-match and cooperative team oriented mods spawned vast communities of rabid gamers. I am almost ashamed to admit that I fell victim to the Quake II mania myself. Capture-the-Flag was my deal, and I played so much that it almost got me divorced. But I digress.

Back in those days, every self-respecting clan (No. Not THAT clan! Quake II teams were called “clans”.) member had to have a cool handle. At the time I was living in Indiana and so I played on the “Hoosier” angle with “HoozYer”. The “Mama” part was just a whimsical add-on that made for entertaining in-game commentary. “LittleJimmy was just fragged by HoozYerMama” just had a nice ring to it.

My nick was eventually shortened to just "Hooz", and it just stuck, even through all these years.

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