Monday, April 21, 2008

The Boat Bug: Part 1

I like to fish. I have for years. While living (on a lake) in Northern Indiana I fished almost every day. It was easy. I could just walk outside and fish from the bank, put the row-boat (no motors allowed on the lake I lived on) in or, for that matter, call up a buddy with a boat. It seems like everyone I knew in Indiana had a boat of some sort.

Since moving here to Columbus it has become much more difficult to go fishing. There are plenty of lakes, but I don't know anyone with a (fishing) boat and renting one is a gigantic hassle. Bank fishing prospects are plentiful, but not very rewarding. So I've been relegated to a one-week-a-year fishing trip with my father-in-law and some other family members (and still renting a boat).

This past Saturday was a typical, miserable Ohio spring day. Just enough cloud cover and rain to kill any hopes of seeing the sun and squash any plans for outdoor activities while still being nice enough outside to make you NOT want to be inside. Days like this have a tendency to get me in trouble, and I found myself cruising to a couple different marinas to look at boats.

After much tire-kicking I finally decided which one I'd get, you know, IF I was to actually get one. A Tracker Pro Guide V-17 SC would be the perfect boat for me... If I was actually buying one.

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